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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bark Trio

For a small amount of money (about $13) we were able to up the curb appeal of our house. Casey got a quarter yard of bark to fill the two boxes and small edged area in the front yard.You remember the before from our first post:
Here's what it looked like today before he got started.
Pretty sad and the box Casey made in the below picture looses dirt every winter from all of the rain we get here in Oregon.

Casey got right to work making our house look pretty.

And he likes to do things the fun way. Instead of using a rake like a normal boring regular person, he chose the hang-off-the-railing method. It's controversial, but effective.
 One more wheel barrow full for the rose box

After trimming some of the new growth of the rose to help it grow attractively in a "chalice" shape (he said), he filled the box.  The rose is a beautiful pink and yellow; I can't wait for it to bloom!

With the boxes filled, it is time to mow the lawn while there is a break in the rain (boo hoo). My sweetie is so productive!
Casey wanted to make mowing our tiny front yard a little easier so he suggested that a small trim around the boxes would be helpful. And, we can fill the small edge with the left over bark from our quarter yard!
 Grass and weeds are cut away and ready for a bark fill.

 So much better!

 A little front yard I can be proud of :).

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