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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Side Yard Update

Our side yard was definitely in a sad state...
So I hacked down the weeds with some clippers and my bare hands. 
Then I weeded. A lot.

 And then I brought over some bark 

 When I visited my sweet Aunt Martha, she gave me some new flowers to plant over there. Yay!!

Cleaning up the Backyard

Our yard needed a little love. I started by weeding the different flower box areas.

This is our garden. We have Strawberries and Green Beans. The Green Beans are under our makeshift green house which doesn't seem to be doing its job.

We got a load of Bark (only $13 again, like last time)

And spread it around. It makes such a difference!
It makes the yard look so clean to have fresh bark on it!