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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our New House

We will be moving at the end of the month about forty minutes from where we live now. Here are some before pictures to start the brainstorming on what to do in the new place!

 We will have a much bigger front yard than we do now. I would really like to have lots of flowers for cutting and to spruce up the front. I need to find a place to put my grandma's rose as well. We are thinking also that it would be really cool to extend the driveway to the left and to the street to make a turn around. 

The front water feature is really cool, but we aren't fond of the lava rock and scalloped concrete edge. Casey plans to reuse the lava rock in a fire pit and the scalloped concrete we will get rid of.
I really love the two brick flower boxes and I can't wait to fill those with beautiful flowers!
 The dining room is pretty small, but perhaps a built in bench will help with that. Not pictured, the kitchen is a U shape with a separate range and oven. There isn't a dishwasher (boo!), but I would like to get one in as soon as we can.
 The living room is about the same size as we have now, which is great and there is a fireplace. The pellet insert will be removed prior to moving due to Oregon law. The piano will go along this wall in the photo below. And we will be downsizing to a smaller entertainment center until we can afford a flat screen :).

 I love the stone shape on the fireplace, but I would like to change the appearance with paint. Maybe slate colors? I know I don't want to paint it white, but something?

 One thing I love about this house is all of the closets and built ins. There are four closets and cabinets/drawers in this hallway. Wowsa!

 In the first bedroom there is a sliding door closet and an unfinished closet that needs some drywall. We haven't decided which kid will live in this room yet. It is already painted a beige/taupe which is a great color, but not what we would pick for either kid.

The bathroom has a long vanity with lots of storage and a tub/shower. We're not entirely sure of what we want to do in here yet. We will definitely be removing the wall heaters in the entire house and doing something like a gas furnace or heat pump instead. 
 This is the second bedroom. It has a big closet and a sliding door that leads to the carport. That access makes me a little nervous so we will need to secure it somehow so that small ones cannot get out.

 This is a fully converted garage and will be our room for the time being. It has paneling on two of the walls that I would like to paint a light color. There is also a wood stove in here that will need to be removed before moving due to the law.

 The Laundry/Utility room runs the length of the room with a wall partition. It has some pretty sweet seventies carpet reminiscent of Skate World in Springfield. I am excited about the folding counter and all of the cabinets. Someday I'm sure I'll paint them and make a Pinterest-worthy Laundry room. I think the standing freezer will go out here in one of the corners. This is my awesome friend, Mindy. She came to check the house out and give her stamp of approval, which she did!

 This shed is where Casey will keep most of his garage stuff since we won't have a garage. Our plan is to someday build a shop to the left of the house for his projects and such. 

 The carport is pretty spacious and will function as a temporary work space for home projects and car work. That little shed has already been moved to the back of the property and will be lawn storage for the time being.

 The back yard has this great line of trees that will be so fun for the kids to play in. Casey plans to build them an Ewok type tree house in all of those cedars.


 This open shed makes me nervous. It looks like a place with black widows and wasps. Blech! I don't plan on going in there and Casey will probably remove it so that the kids won't be tempted to go in there either. It's pretty decrepit anyways so it won't be a loss. 

There is currently a fire pit in the trees and among the dry twigs (wha?). So we will be moving that so we don't burn down the neighborhood.

There are five rhododendron bushes in the front which is great for continuous plants and when they bloom the colors are beautiful! And I like this fern, too.  
 I am so excited that there are already drying line poles here! I would have put them in anyway.
This house is going to pose challenges, for sure, but we are excited to take them on and build a home here. The lot is pretty good sized and the house has potential! Come along with us as we 
face this challenge :). Any suggestions? Comment below:

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