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Friday, June 6, 2014

A Star Wars Room

Since our little guy is not such a little guy anymore. We wanted to update his nursery into something that can grow with him. He's pretty into Star Wars and lets face it, so am I. 

I found some ideas I liked on Pinterest. What?! Use Pinterest for ideas?! No.
We started buy painting the room a pale grey. We figured this would be a good backdrop for Star Wars or any other theme in the future. 
Casey made him a Star Wars side table complete with an adjustable lamp and Darth Vader helmut with a secret compartment.

He loved it!
We also collaborated on a revamped Guess Who? game with Star Wars characters. Oh yeah!
So, back to Pinterest. I found some cool ideas for gallery walls and other wall decor.

 Casey made the "Jacob" one. The font is free! I found some Lego guys and printables online for some of the other ones. All of the frames came from Goodwill and were ugly, but some black spray paint makes all of the difference! If you can zoom in, the beige one to the right is very special. Casey photoshopped Jacob's face onto young Anakin's body for a personalized Birthday picture. This was a very fun project!

The Vader poster I found at Value Village, in the frame, for only $6! I was shocked! The blanket I found on clearance at Target. The Death Star clock was a round piece of plywood, some black paint, a photo print from Staples, and a disassembled clock from Goodwill. We decided not to put the numbers on it because it would ruin the aesthetic of the Death Star and we figured our five year old could use a lesson in analog clocks. And he has! He can read this clock just fine. The other poster was a bonus in a Valentines box. It's not the best, but it fills space.

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