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Friday, June 6, 2014

Spray Painting Fun

 I have enjoyed a few spray painting adventures lately. I had a bunch of random things that I had been wanted to paint for a while. I'm sorry for the low quality photos, I'm not sure what happened there :(.

 I'm pretty happy with the result and now I can use these things around the house!
I also wanted to try spray painting seashells with shiny silver spray paint to make them look like metal.
 It kind of worked. The result wasn't metal enough if you know what I mean.
 I applied a second coat, but it still didn't quite work. Oh, well. At least I didn't buy the seashells!
 I had also seen some other projects on Pinterest I wanted to prep for. I painted some pine cones for a shiny Christmas display and a couple two liter bottles for a jet pack I had seen. 
 Ahhhh, these pictures are better! My sweet friend, Brenda over at Fresh Redesign gave me some fun new colors to try from Rustoleum and Krylon. So, I had two lamps, a branchy candle holder, a metal basket and some burlap letters.
 I sprayed them individually and ended up with this. The red on the candle holder ended up being really cool because the black is still peaking out on the edges. It looks more like coral now :).

 I also did a combination of blue and green on the basket which turned out really pretty.
 I made linen covered drum shades for both lamps so they would be cohesive.

 The burlap letters I decided to just spray white.They will go in the Laundry Room.

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