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Friday, June 6, 2014

New House

Well, folks, it seems we will be moving soon. We put our house on the market early April and recently received an offer that will have us out of this house by the end of the month. We have put in an offer on a house closer to our church family and all of the amenities that we use weekly, including Casey's job. We are currently in the process of negotiating and are looking forward to this new adventure. I really thought that this would be our lifetime home, but the inconvenience of commuting has really started to make itself known. So we will be second time home buyers now!

The new house is a 1962 Ranch style home on almost a half acre and it is outdated, but well built. I am very excited for the new challenges ahead as it is a smaller home. We aren't planning on doing anymore projects at our current house, but I will post a final "House Master To-Do List" to see what we have accomplished in this home. 

Luckily the name of our blog is the Martin Home and that will still be the case at the new house! I will comprise a new Master To-Do list and continue to post our projects once we've moved. I know that there are nitty gritty type projects as well as cosmetic ones at the new house due to its age.

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