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Friday, June 6, 2014

Board and Batten

Prior to this little upgrade we had a pretty drab entryway. There weren't any places to hang coats or purses and it was just a long empty wall. 

Once again, Casey graciously agreed to this project.

And got right to work. As you can see in the above picture, there are screws sticking out from the boards. These are for the future knobs I chose as hangers. I know that hooks are the normal choice, but I find that they can rip clothing or you run into them with your shoulder. No? I'm just clumsy then.

Once all of the boards were installed it was time to fake the batten part. Now, according to Pinterest, you just put the boards up and paint it all one color and that's good enough. No it isn't. When you have the texture present it doesn't have the same effect as the board would.

Therefore, Casey had to spackle all of it and sand it down to make the smoothest surface possible.

I think the lesson we learned is that the sheets of plywood might have been worth the money. Just something to consider for all of you diyers.

This process took at least one of his vacation days.

He also had to fill all of the screw and nail holes and sand them smooth.

Once all of this was done, he painted all of the trim with the same white he used on the craft shelf. Once the paint was dry we attached the knobs.

This is the entryway today. Later that week, we painted the walls a wonderful chocolatey taupe which really compliments the crisp white of the lower wall.

I just love the way that it turned out.

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